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Navigating SEO Success: An In-Depth 4-Month Project Case Study

First and foremost, we extend our gratitude for the dedicated efforts we’ve put into successfully completing numerous client projects. Despite our busy schedules, we’ve yet to find time to showcase all of our accomplished case studies.

However, it has become imperative to present our case studies now in order to demonstrate our capabilities.

Our portfolio encompasses a diverse range of projects including e-commerce stores, blog websites, business websites, automated blogging platforms, Amazon affiliate niche websites, as well as tasks such as link building and technical SEO.

We want to express our heartfelt thanks to all members of the Dot Mirror team for their collective contributions in bringing each of these projects to fruition.

Site – 1

This website specializes in niche blogging, tailored to a specific topic. The client’s request encompassed the development of the website itself, consistent content generation through ghostwriting, and monthly link-building activities.

This project spanned a duration of four months, during which we successfully published a total of 60 content pieces. These posts were strategically divided into 60% informative content and 40% revenue-generating content.

The client’s primary objective was to drive traffic that would eventually translate into conversions for their own products. Additionally, the client expressed interest in the possibility of delving into Amazon affiliate marketing, providing an alternative avenue for potential revenue generation.

Project Date: February to May 2023


The approaches employed throughout this project encompassed a range of strategic actions. We focused on crafting high-quality content that incorporated effective keyword clustering. Implementing on-page SEO practices was crucial, along with optimizing images. For this purpose, we utilized stock images, which were then customized using Canva to ensure their visibility on search engines.

The link-building strategy began with the prioritization of homepage backlinks, where we successfully established a total of 25 out of 50 planned links. Following this, we selected 10 specific post URLs for guest posts and niche edits, aiming to enhance their visibility and authority within the niche. Additionally, we incorporated two 301 redirect links to further optimize the overall link structure and user experience.

The overall experience was truly exceptional. The client’s feedback encapsulated it perfectly with the words, “An incredible team delivering amazing results.” It’s quite amusing to witness the delightful dance of the client’s search console analytics, showcasing the positive impact of our efforts.

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